Sunday, February 24, 2013

APAMI indicator overview

Basically, you tell the indicator how long of a trend you want to measure, and like a ruler that measures inches or centimeters, APAMI will measure the pips between two points. This method of choosing price action allows the user to finally retire all those [worthless] lagging indicators and focus on the one thing that matters most: clearly-defined price action.

John say's: "This term 'price action' was a buzz term for a couple of years now almost like the word 'trend'. Vauge definitions like "a series of higher highs and higher lows" made traders more confused as to exactly how to interpret a trend. So a bunch of predictive models emerged, attempting to guess where prices were going next. Or those who would measure a "real" trend did so with tools like zigzag or fibonacci retracement, which can only be done in hindsight after the supposed trend occurred."

"The idea is to keep APAMI as basic as possible in clearly defining price action in a provable fashion."

APAMI indicator overview Video:

It is FREE. Download APAMI and try by yourself.
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